Epic Growth Internship

Epic Growth

Become a Digital Marketer in an IT company!

Study and earn $250 during a 4-week internship. Work remotely in our team and get a competitive salary, health insurance and English lessons.

Internship start date is Feb 3rd, 2020.

Why choose us

  • Epic Growth is a digital marketing agency. We purchase over 1 mln installs per month for our clients. Our customers are Health & Fitness applications.
  • The Internship program is aimed to help you become integrated into an IT company.
  • We have a powerful team of marketing professionals, and we want to grow involving talented people. We have implemented Internships for those who never worked in marketing before.
  • We provide with knowledge that you can immediately apply working in our company.

It is very easy to join our company

Apply for the paid 4-weeks INTERNSHIP
Study and practice digital marketing online whenever you have time.
Use your new skills and knowledge in real company case studies and perform well .
The internship starts as soon as we select the candidates.

Join our team
Work remotely in our team of professionals.

Does it sound like you?

  • A quick learner and analytical thinker
  • Dreaming of working in an IT company
  • You like being creative

What you get with us

  • Employment with a benefits package
  • A company that will invest in your growth and professional progress
  • Your actions make an impact

Internship Program

Digital marketing basics

  • The marketer’s role in a product IT company
  • Basic concepts in digital marketing
  • Digital marketing types (performance and influencers marketing, inbound & content marketing, and more.)

Performance marketing is an important growth tool

  • Facebook as the main mobile application distribution channel
  • The basic metrics of performance marketing

The creation and launch stages for creative videos

  • How to create successful video creatives for Facebook
  • Facebook policy

Apply your skills in company’s business cases

Чтобы откликнуться на эту работу, пожалуйста, посетите aamarketing.io.

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