Стажування .NET.

DB Best is starting a free internship program for future .NET developers in Kharkiv. This is the opportunity for you to become a .NET, ASP.NET developer in just 3 months.

Within this .NET trainee internship program, not only you will master the .NET technology, but also you will gain hands-on experience creating user interfaces evolving JavaScript and AngularJS.

DB Best is a global full-service company, operating at the cutting edge of the latest cloud technologies. Since 2002, DB Best helps customers manage their data and applications, as well as create quality software products from scratch.

We built solutions for the world’s biggest names, like Microsoft and Amazon companies. That is why we know everything about polishing the software to perfection.

Within the .NET trainee internship program, you will have a truly unique opportunity for practice with our senior experts. You’ll have a chance to improve your skills, achieve new experiences, explore the latest technologies, and get a strong basis for your future as a software engineer.

.NET internship gains for the trainee

Our big goal for this internship program is to grow a full-stack web developer with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Confidence with .NET and .NET Core for the back end
  • Knowledge of AngularJS for the front end
  • Firm knowledge of the way HTTP protocols work
  • Clear understanding of the way web apps work
  • Knowledge of cloud storages and services, AWS in particular
  • Ability to apply all the main cloud services
  • Ability to apply the key web UI principles, HTML, and CSS

To polish the knowledge obtained, at the end of the program, you will build a simple web application with the front end part in AngularJS, the back end in .NET Core, and AWS services adapting the best practices and approaches of the DB Best company.

You can do it!

DB Best is looking for a .NET trainee with basic programming background or strong mathematical skills. Apply for the DB Best internship program to start your career in one of the major international IT companies.

The experience and qualifications we expect you to have when applying for the .NET trainee position:

Knowledge of .NET and C#.

Understanding of the object-oriented programming principles.

Ability and desire to learn fast and work hard.

Data structures knowledge: lists, dictionaries, binary trees (queues and stacks are optional).

Basic understanding of the HTTP protocol and web technologies as a whole.

Enough level of English for reading and understanding technical docs.

Will be a plus

Familiarity with ASP.NET MVC API, and Entity Framework.

Basic knowledge of AngularJS.

Familiarity with MS SQL Server.

Чтобы откликнуться на эту работу, пожалуйста, посетите careers.dbbest.com.

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