WomXn Develop at Ubisoft

Come build the future of entertainment today with Ubisoft!

WomXn Develop at Ubisoft mentorship aims to attract and develop diverse talent for our studios around the world. With more people playing games than ever before, we have an exciting opportunity to create inclusive entertainment that is truly reflective of our diverse world.
The industry continues to benefit from different backgrounds, fresh perspectives, and new ideas.
Successful applicants receive mentorship from our experts across programming and game design, and hands-on game development experience.

Unique challenge

Compete in one of two challenges created by Ubisoft Game Design and Programming experts to showcase your talent.
Successful applicants will benefit from mentorships with our experts and gain hands-on game development experience.


In this technical gameplay challenge, you will create and submit a game made entirely in C++ using a provided API.

Game Design

Apply your design sensibilities across the multi-part Game Design challenge that will represent the production journey of a Game Designer at Ubisoft.

Чтобы откликнуться на эту работу, пожалуйста, посетите www.womxn-ubisoftukraine.com.

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